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Some key information about the Moon

  • 384,000 km (239,000 miles) between the Earth and the Moon.
  • It is 4 times smaller than Earth.
  • Its diameter is almost 3,500km. But in spite of its relatively small size, it plays a decisive role in our lives.
  • Gravity is 6 times lesser than on Earth, due to its mass, far below that of our own planet. It means that if we stood on the Moon, we would feel 6 times lighter than we actually are.
  • Its surface is riddled with countless meteorite impacts that crashed there throughout the millennia. These meteorites have left deep craters that are visible to the naked eye, and give the Moon its mysterious relief.
  • The Moon was presumably born 4.5 billion years ago from the collision between the Earth and another planet called Theia.
  • It makes a complete orbit around Earth once every 29 days.
  • It is in orbit around the Earth and, simultaneously, it spins on its axis – the whole process lasting for 28 days.