Traffic Rules & Rule Breaker

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Traffic Rules are changed now. Every day we notice huge fine to some men or women. So far I have seen a fine of 1.4 Lakh. People are happy because they find it a good way of spreading discipline among Indian men. To justify this exorbitant increase in traffic fines, a very simple argument that’s given is that Indians are habitual rule breakers and they deserve the huge fine.

I disagree. First of all, I wanted to tell that we are not criminals so stop calling us rule breaker. Yes, we break the rules but it is not because we are a habitual rule breaker. It happens because our system is not efficient enough to give us the proper roads and transport facilities for us to use without breaking rules.
First, give us a system to follow the rules. The system I am talking about mainly consists of ‘driving lessons, the honest driving license issuing authorities, honest traffic police, fast & honest mechanism to solve the issues, better roads, better public transport, etc. The list does not end here.
What we get is a driving license authority which isn’t concerned if the rider knows how to drive, traffic police prefer to take Rs. 100 /- for personal use instead of issuing a proper challan. There exists no provision of driving lesson in school or anywhere. There is an abundance of bad roads, there are places without a trace of rodes even. A lot more…

Even with the exception that we get updated transport infrastructure, the huge fine amount cannot be justified, since the monthly income of a normal middle-class man hardly stands any comparison with the new challan rates and sadly it’s likely to result in a man losing his full large portion of his income just due to a silly mistake, which in turn will not only be inhuman but will also encourage corruption even further.