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Dr. G. Singh


Keshav & Sharma ji are two character of cartoon series started by DAMAN WELFARE SOCIETY with the help of Mr. Diljeet. All right reserved with DAMAN.

Keshav & Sharma ji are two characters (close friends) to show the biased behaviour of society toward men, in short keshav & Sharma ji will disclose how men (society) think about other men in simple and short discussion. Stories selected for this cartoon series are written by many from self experience and picturization is done by Mr. Diljeet.

KESHAV : Keshav is a young men of the age of around 35+ and he is free minded without any prejudice toward men of women. In short he doesn’t decide anything about any one based on experience, but his thoughts are based on science / survey / statistics and logics.

SHARMA JI : Sharma is another character of the same age group 35+ but he is opposite to keshav. His thoughts are prejudice mostly based on what he learn from his past generation.